Saturday, November 28, 2009

Followup to Currently reading: Jeffery Deaver - The Blue Nowhere

It has been quite a few books and weeks since I finished that one, I should post more often.
This is a real good book (fiction) about a few hackers. While it shows at times how old it is (BBS, AOL), I found it accurate and the methods are described without the usual mistakes. There is also a good balance between the computer-word and real-world, and a lot of action. The writing style of Deaver may get on your nerves after a few books, as it is obvious what to expect, but once in a while it is very gripping. There are only few fiction books I would compare it too, to mind come Rudy Rucker: The Hacker and The Ants (there is V 2.0 available) and Neal Stephenson: Snowcrash - but both books touch a wider range of problems, going in to SF and deep philosophical questions, so maybe the comparison is not entirely fair.
It is definitely not boring, and has a few pages in front with a collection of terms and abbreviations, explained. This should help a novice, so you do not need much or even any computer-knowledge to enjoy the book.
It just popped in my mind, there is another great SF-Book, but maybe it is also too far fetched for a comparison: John Brunner: The Shockwave Rider. While that was pure SF by the time it was written, the view into the future was pure genius (betting on the stockmarket outcome, big net, CPU-Power either local or rented).

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