Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: How to Talk to Girls at Parties

How to Talk to Girls at Parties How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Got this short book for free, as a promo, and had it a long time unread on my Kindle (first the Paperwhite, then the Voyage).
Now it gets filmed, I knew the twist in the plot, as I read the description, and wanted to read it.
Could have been longer, very well done idea.
Recommended, want to see how the movie turns out.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: Never Never: Part Three

Never Never: Part Three Never Never: Part Three by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Too much romance, nice alternating POV's, sex hinted at, but not mentioned, story fizzled in the end. Felt longer, than it was.
Could have a better explanation, and then I could have accepted a longer book. For the few pages it has, I head a hard time reading it, it just did not grab me anymore. And I still think, it should have been cheaper.
Still about changing (mostly Charlie) from a rich, unlikeable arrogant person to a hugger, who cares about over people and does not think too much about money.
The first two books where real page-turner for me, and let me to buy the Mara Dyer - that one was much better with an also (for me) unsatisfying ending.
Also, most part of this book was a series of unbelievable actions, resulting from the "Silah's says"-Game, which felt like watching a couple doing cart-wheels in the mall, interesting for a short time, but silly, and actions like that repeated a few times. Nothing like the quality of the first two books.
It felt like a good buildup to a strange reveal of something unthinkable happening, but then the writers did not know what to make of it.
While the ending may not really matter, I think it felt like it tries too hard and does not convince me.
The whole series recommended as a touchy-feel-good-how-to-care for a rainy afternoon with a cold. And not for me, sorry. Would have liked a better reveal, maybe unicorns or alien abduction.
As it is, I feel let down and saw that in other reviews I skimmed. I shudder to think, that I pre-ordered this and looked forward to reading it. Not a series I will read again anytime soon.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: The Thirteenth World

The Thirteenth World The Thirteenth World by A.N. Willis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Had to look into the first book as I did not remember too much of the plot.
For some reason I took a long time to read the ending.
Interesting. As I do not want to spoil it, I will say no more.
Romance was a bit much, but at least no love-triangle.
Most of the book was rather action driven, and the dilemma of decisions having consequences which could result in whole worlds being shattered and destroyed, with billions killed. This moral and ethical problem sets this book apart from other YA books. And Stel (Estele) thinks about it.
Recommended, but something is missing for me, so no 5 stars, but a solid 4 stars.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Bad Wolf: A Novel

Bad Wolf: A Novel Bad Wolf: A Novel by Nele Neuhaus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read not the translation, but the German original, as I am German and that is my first language.
This english review is based on that, not taking into account, that the translation may be bad or otherwise flawed.
Long, but fast read with quite a lot side-storylines, which I thought could have been shortened or cut entirely - but later nearly all of them where integrated into the main storyline and added to what happened. A few twists, and a disturbing theme.
Highly recommended, and while long, I read most of the book in one long day from 10 am (breakfast, my ususal morning reading time) to 2 am sunday. While the overall theme of child and teenager sexual abuse is disturbing, it was not too explicit. A other scenes where, so if you are disturbed by violence and grizzly murder, this book is not for you.
Comparable to Mo Hayder.
This is part of a series, but I read only one other book Snow White Must Die, so I read them out of order, and you get most of the needed information, it can be read as a standalone.
Also although by luck, one sidestory began in Snow White must die, I could not remember that at all, so it did not help. As I really found this book worthwhile, I will try to read more of Neuhaus, but they are rather expensive, with nearly 10 Eur (nowadays you can convert that to nearly 10 Us$, what with the current stock market), just below my self-set borderline for buying books. As I read a lot and tend to buy more than I lend (and most times do not find the books I want to read on Amazon Prime), I have to watch that. A different review but saying basically the same will be written for the German edition of the book by me.

Very highly recommended, although long, very gripping, fast-page-turner. For fans of Neuhaus and Mo Hayder.

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Review: Spell Bound

Spell Bound Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall the series gets a lower 3.5, rounded to 3.
Fast read, with a lot of action, too much romance, no sex, no swear words and the heroine cries too much for my taste. It could have done with sex, preferably something kinky (demon-fairie ?).
This is, together with the first 2 books in the series, a read for a rainy weekend.
Have read other books in between, so it took me longer, and then I could not wait to finish it, to read something different (hopefully better). Still, have read worse.
Some actions or decisions feel forced, and predictable, as is the main ending (sorry, if you count that as a spoiler, I do not).

My favourite heroine is strong, not whiny, does not cry (at least not a lot), and makes strong decisions and is sure of herself. This not the case with Sophie, most decisions and actions are group decisions and sometimes even then changed by actions of someone of the other groups fighting for domination or to kill all supernatural beings.

Also with her powers ... well, in this third book there is a change, which does not sit too well with me, and, without spoiling it, is a bit sudden, after (view spoiler) ah, well, I am not an author, so ok, I have to accept that. But it does not work for me.

Like most of the writing and for a fast, fluffy feel-good read I still recommend it, if you can stand the crying and the pesky love-triangle (which I could have done without). Will look for the other books by this author, and check them out, when I feel like it.

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Review: Demonglass

Demonglass Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More like 3.5 point, but still good.
Fast read, a lot of action, but heroine cries too much, without being whiny.
More crying or being whiney and I would have been reminded of: Under the Final Moon.
Also the heroine is constantly unsure of her powers and how to use them.
Beware, I read the UK-Edition which is the only one sold to me as a Kindle eBook in Germany from Amazon.De. This is named "Raising Demons". As this has in the past (with Tess Gerritsen nearly twice, and once with James Ellroy) led to buying a book twice, you have been warned.
Recommended fluffy fast read with a pesky love-triangle, just so you know.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: Lost and Found

Lost and Found Lost and Found by Allison Brennan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As the other books from this series, highly recommended!
A little romance, a little sex, but not too much (and I think, this is still for ages 14 and above, but not real YA). Two POV's, one written mostly by Allison Brennan, one written mostly by Laura Griffin.
Fast paced thriller and a page-turner, with good plausible situations, most logically explained and concluded, a few loose ends or missing explanations are ok with me.
No one is acting as a vigilante, which really is reason for me to add the fifth star. Could easily have happened, and I really like it, a little torture (more threatened) from the bad guys but with the good guys not overstepping their boundaries.
Together with the Lucy Kincaid-series, this is so far my favourite series from Brennan, though I think I should also check out the books by Laura Griffin. Pre-ordered the book and began it next day after automatic delivery to my Kindle.
Could be read as a standalone, as some background from the other books is repeated.

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