Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Bad Wolf: A Novel

Bad Wolf: A Novel Bad Wolf: A Novel by Nele Neuhaus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read not the translation, but the German original, as I am German and that is my first language.
This english review is based on that, not taking into account, that the translation may be bad or otherwise flawed.
Long, but fast read with quite a lot side-storylines, which I thought could have been shortened or cut entirely - but later nearly all of them where integrated into the main storyline and added to what happened. A few twists, and a disturbing theme.
Highly recommended, and while long, I read most of the book in one long day from 10 am (breakfast, my ususal morning reading time) to 2 am sunday. While the overall theme of child and teenager sexual abuse is disturbing, it was not too explicit. A other scenes where, so if you are disturbed by violence and grizzly murder, this book is not for you.
Comparable to Mo Hayder.
This is part of a series, but I read only one other book Snow White Must Die, so I read them out of order, and you get most of the needed information, it can be read as a standalone.
Also although by luck, one sidestory began in Snow White must die, I could not remember that at all, so it did not help. As I really found this book worthwhile, I will try to read more of Neuhaus, but they are rather expensive, with nearly 10 Eur (nowadays you can convert that to nearly 10 Us$, what with the current stock market), just below my self-set borderline for buying books. As I read a lot and tend to buy more than I lend (and most times do not find the books I want to read on Amazon Prime), I have to watch that. A different review but saying basically the same will be written for the German edition of the book by me.

Very highly recommended, although long, very gripping, fast-page-turner. For fans of Neuhaus and Mo Hayder.

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