Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My.Yahoo switched Comics content

I use Yahoo personalized as a portal and have a few tabs configured at
One of these had 2 comics, well not anymore.
The following was just posted to the support of

I am using firefox 3.5 on Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard for
I read 2 daily comics, "Garfield" and "Non Sequitor". Yahoo recently switched the comics module, to "GoComics". This does not work for me, I currently have a screen resolution of 1680*1050 (iMac 20"), might switch to a higher resolution (1920*1080 or more, iMac 21.5 or 27). The Comics are too small be read (by me). So with the old module I opened the comic with a simple click for each comic in a new tabulator. WIth the awkward interface of GoComics I have to click a few times to watch a single comic bigger, then go back to the other comic and click again to watch it bigger. Also I open Firefox with quite a lot of Tabs (20), and the GoComic-Content is not always loaded. I use NoScript and Add Block as Addons in Firefox, but have tweaked them, so it is no problem with the yahoo-content and the comics from GoComic.
I currently have removed the GoComic-Content and have added new Tabs, with urls directly to the daily comics from Garfield and Non sequitor.
I just want you to know, that this GoComic-Content is not functional and awkward. You did not do yourself a favour by switching to it. The old way was better. Other users might be put off by it, like me.
Ingo Lembcke, Hamburg, Germany

If I get an answer or a solution I will post a followup.

Currently reading: Jeffery Deaver - The Blue Nowhere

eBook Jeffery Deaver - The Blue Nowhere. This will certainly be more suspensefull than the last book I read. A have read 2 books by Deaver in the last few weeks and while they are all structured alike, there might be enough murder & mayhem to satisfy me, so it should be thrilling.

Finished Mark Cohen: The Fractal Murders

OK, so I finished "Mark Cohen: The Fractal Murders". I did not like it too much, the basic story about the murders could fit in 50 pages or less. The idea of using fractal-mathematics to base a business-model on (I will not give to much away here) is sound and even for laymen well explained. For me it could have gone deeper into the world of fractals. Nearly no action, no suspense, and I guessed the whodunnit rather early in the book - and was right. A rather boring philosopher (Heidegger) also played part in the book, this could have been more interesting, but then again, I never liked Heidegger. The book was short, but consisted of a lot of personal stuff and description of places, which did nothing for me nor the advancement of the story. Despite that it is a good read, but no page-turner. Most surprising for me, it was also not boring. Would I buy another book from the same author? Maybe, depending on the theme.
Rating: 6/10 - no "must buy"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Currently reading

eBook Mark Cohen: The Fractal Murders (BBeBook DRM)

Read 2009

Most Books are paperbacks, but since I bought an eBook reader I am using it. It's a Sony PRS 505, bought in Germany April 2008 on eBay before they where officially sold here - nearly exactly a year later (May 2009).
And I hate DRM.

21: Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions"Ben Mezrich
Blasphemy"Douglas Preston
Presumed Guilty & Keeper of the Bride"Tess Gerritsen
Tek Money"William Shatner
Tek Kill"William Shatner
Tek Net"William Shatner
Noir"Olivier Pauvert
Peggy Sue Got Murdered: Harper Monogram"Tess Gerritsen
Eragon (Inheritance Trilogy)"Christopher Paolini
Hide"Lisa Gardner
Killing Hour"Lisa Gardner
Six Days of the Condor"James Grady
The Perfect Husband"Lisa Gardner
Say Goodbye"Lisa Gardner
eBook Stephenie Meyer:Twilight
eBook Stephenie Meyer:New Moon
eBook Stephenie Meyer:Eclipse
eBook Stephenie Meyer:Breaking Dawn
Gone"Lisa Gardner
The Next Accident"Lisa Gardner
Alone"Lisa Gardner
eBook Andrew Vachss: A bomb built in hell
Dead Until Dark"Charlaine Harris (#1 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
Living Dead in Dallas"Charlaine Harris (#2 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse Novels)"Charlaine Harris (#3 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
The Chemistry of Death. (Bantam Press)"Simon Beckett
Written in Bone"Simon Beckett
Whispers of the Dead"Simon Beckett
eBook Tanya Huff: Blood Price
eBook Tanya Huff: Blood Trail
Death's Daughter: A Callipe Reaper-Jones Novel"Amber Benson
Crucified"Michael Slade
"Das Herz der Hoelle"Jean-Christophe Grange©
Shadow Game (Ghostwalkers)"Christine Feehan
eBook Dead to the World"Charlaine Harris (#4 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
Third Victim"Lisa Gardner
The Survivors Club"Lisa Gardner
eBook Dan Brown: Angels and Demons (Adobe Digital DRM)
eBook Short: One Word Answer"Charlaine Harris (#4.5 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
The Other Daughter"Lisa Gardner
eBook Lisa Gardner: The Neighbor (BBeBook DRM)
eBook Dead as a doornail"Charlaine Harris (#5 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
eBook Karin Slaughter: Undone (BBeBook DRM)
eBook Definitely Dead"Charlaine Harris (#6 Southern Vampires Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse)
Fraeulein Smillas Gespuer fuer Schnee; Peter Hoeg
Dexter by Design"Jeff Lindsay
eBook Kathy Reichs: 206 Bones
Freaky Angel"Lenka Buschova
eBook Tanya Huff: Blood Lines
School Days;Robert B. Parker
eBook Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol
Another Life (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)"Andrew Vachss
Takeover"Lisa Black
Black Out (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)"Lisa Unger
eBook Richard Castle - Heat Wave (BBeBook DRM)
eBook Jeffery Deaver - The Bone Collector (BBeBook DRM)
eBook Jeffery Deaver - The Sleeping Doll (BBeBook DRM)
eBook Lisa Black - Evidence of Murder (BBeBook DRM)

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