Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finished Mark Cohen: The Fractal Murders

OK, so I finished "Mark Cohen: The Fractal Murders". I did not like it too much, the basic story about the murders could fit in 50 pages or less. The idea of using fractal-mathematics to base a business-model on (I will not give to much away here) is sound and even for laymen well explained. For me it could have gone deeper into the world of fractals. Nearly no action, no suspense, and I guessed the whodunnit rather early in the book - and was right. A rather boring philosopher (Heidegger) also played part in the book, this could have been more interesting, but then again, I never liked Heidegger. The book was short, but consisted of a lot of personal stuff and description of places, which did nothing for me nor the advancement of the story. Despite that it is a good read, but no page-turner. Most surprising for me, it was also not boring. Would I buy another book from the same author? Maybe, depending on the theme.
Rating: 6/10 - no "must buy"

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