Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Vortex

Vortex by Julie Cross

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great read, bought the next book this morning from my Kindle Voyage.
Complicated, but as far as I think, no errors in the timeline (maybe wrong, it is very complicated).
The romance is there, and getting even more messed up, no easy solutions. No sex-scenes.
A few people die, but only in one timeline, while in others they still exist.
Normally this grates my nerves when dead people are brought back, and you can never be sure wether they stay dead, but here the explanations and complicated twisted timelines make this all work within the storyline. Also, as no one has all the knowledge how things work, even the main players can only guess and theorize.
This could be read as a standalone, it has an ending, but you will want to read on, as the third (and last) book of the trilogy is published, you will buy it instantly and read on.
A few minor errors where words where not correct (wrong word, or no space where one should be) did not distract too much, I reported at least one� (Kindle EBook Edition bought February 19th, 2015 in Germany).
Highly recommended.

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