Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Meets the Eye: A Jenna Blake Body of Evidence Thriller

Meets the Eye: A Jenna Blake Body of Evidence Thriller Meets the Eye: A Jenna Blake Body of Evidence Thriller by Christopher Golden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazon Prime lend for August 2015.
Could not wait to read it.
Fast read and once again a great book in the series.
Comparing this to other books, I prefer this short read to the longer ones, where often the story drags, often in the middle, and a lot of added descriptions (places, plants, animals) is unnecessary and does add nothing to the story or suspense.
With Zombies and the real background, I was surprised, that no book by Wade Davis was mentioned, I read the The Serpent and the Rainbow (which was filmed as a Horror-Movie by Wes Craven). While film is questionable, but I really like it, the books is no fiction, but a real life account about a pharma-concern who sends a young doctor (Davis) on a strange journey to discover chemical substances for use in medicine - and one of them is the the combination of poison, mentioned in the Jenna Blake-book which is used to fake death and control people. The Davis-book is complete with pictures, and I highly recommend it.
Meets the eye is short, but well written, very bloody in places and again Jenna is in danger. As nearly always.
Did not really see the final twist coming with the Mastermind behind it all (ok, I have not really thought about it, being caught up in the suspense and action).
Highly recommended and could be read as a standalone, while there is continuity, most story-lines are explained and if you read the books in short time, as I did with the last one and this one, it may feel a bit repetitive. Still, I rate this one 5 stars and think it was even better, than the last one.

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