Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review: The Replaced

The Replaced The Replaced by Kimberly Derting
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As I write this a few months later, I still have not looked into the third book of this series, yawn.

Too much romance, MC not really the strong heroine I prefer. Pesky love triangle. Not enough
action and major cliffhanger ending. Preordered the next book in the series. But am not really looking forward to it, will probably read it just to see how it ends and to judge the series.
No Sex and no real love-scenes more like a bit of feeling-fooling around, reads like a book
about twelve year olds. As the heroine was 16 when she the Taking took place and her
new love interest in the first book is 17, not very real, I'd expect most to practice sex
at that age - except when under close parental supervision or silly other reasons like
"saving for marriage", relegion etc. As it is written I do not see a reason why they did
not at least try to have sex in first book, in this second book there simply was not
the time and place for it. Still this felt more like "for age 10 and up", not like
"age 16 and up" as the MC, and a few other characters, and for adults like me (turning fifty this June 2016) it feels unreal.
And I must admit, as I write a few notes for the review I had to read the ending again, to refresh my memory just a short few hours after reading it, what exactly the cliffhanger was - bad sign that it was so instantly forgettable, meh, whatever
And as I finally write this review I have forgotten this ending a second time.
Cannot really say this is still a recommendation, wait for the review of the third (and probably last) book, as I think this is set to be a trilogy.

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