Sunday, July 10, 2016

Review: Being Jamie Baker

Being Jamie Baker Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just barely 3 stars: not enough action, nearly no suspense, thought about 2.5 stars, hm, not sure wether to round up or down.
No sex, (attempted) rape is mentioned, and the setting and integration in the story sadly feels all too real.
MC is ok, but cries way too often and there are hugs galore, cannot really stand them in such numbers.
Actually I liked the MC more than she was still in ice-queen-mode, but the change to normal person was very believeable and well written. Should have been read faster than I did. Not really my kind of book, so I suggest 3 stars, as it was readable, and I could have DNF'ed it, and did not. As with drugs, the first one was free, to get hooked, but I am not hooked. So I am not too sure I will read the other books in the series. In the back the first 3 chapters of next book are there as a teaser, that might be enough.
Also, looking back on it, checking when it was published (2012), there should have been way more tech integrated, like mobile phones, smartphones, etc. Computers play a little role, just not enough for me.
Recommended as a fluffy romance read with a little X-Men-style paranormal added, for a rainy weekend and not enough technology.

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