Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review: Mord am Mikro: Steiners fünfter Fall

Mord am Mikro: Steiners fünfter Fall Mord am Mikro: Steiners fünfter Fall by Martin Olden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adult crime, not available in English, I think.
Interesting take after the turn in the last book, after the MC gets cut badly and (view spoiler).
The crime is ok, but the side-story how the MC copes with his situation (btw. I am disabled myself, sitting in a wheelchair) is very detailed and even with the sex-scenes maybe something not everyone wants to read. The radio-moderator is interesting and the playlist would contain music I grew up with, shows how old I am (currently 50), and most music I like, I even searched some songs and listened to them when they where mentioned in the book.
Adult read, not very fluffy, but romance and as mentioned sex does happen.
The crime-story is rather straight forward, you get to know the murder nearly at the beginning, and the only little twist is how he will be caught. Nice touch would have been if he got away with it.
Not very suspenseful, recommended for the back story and the insight how to live with a wheelchair.

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