Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review: Finding Miranda

Finding Miranda Finding Miranda by Iris Chacon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ebook discovery Freebie, wanted to end 2016 and start the new year with something sexy and light, after I did not manage to torture myself through the last third of The Circle.
No sex (!), bad sign for a romance, and could have done with some hot, steamy sex, for me at least. Romance was ok, but for me also not very good.
A few unexpected killings/deaths, some quite gruesome.
Also in one case the culprit gets away and someone other frames, not something I like.
Romance was also not that fluffy. Not my usual, but if I wanted some crime-romance-mystery, I could have read early Lisa Gardner or re-read early Tess Gerritsen, which is what I would suggest instead of picking up this book.
female MC was ok, but not overwhelming - I had picked up this book because I like the type "glasses wearing librarian" (yup, I am that shallow).
No errors, some southern (?) slang, and all rounded nicely saved it from getting 1 star. So not recommended, 2 stars it is.
My suggestion still, even if it is free, stay away from it, there should be better, fluffy reads available and preverably without hard crime, vigilantes, deaths and killings.
Some of the supporting cast where a bit uneven and also most of the time card-board like (Annabelle!).

Given the cover and the blurb I did not suspect what happened in this book, nor did I want to (crime, gruesome killings).

One thing to note: on my Kindle (Voyage) remaining reading time in chapters stopped working (I think! it worked for first few chapters, but maybe wrong). Also I could not jump to a chapter, as the menu on the Kindle did not show them, only the title.

And the time remaining reading for the whole book was skewed, as 20-30% of the whole text are preview chapters for other books (if I remember 3-4 books and each with 3 preview chapters). All in all way too much, and for that it seemed like a filler to suggest a longer book, for the people who pay for it. Where it not skewed, I would have finished it sooner, realizing I was near the end. So, I had to push myself to read this for more than 5 min. .

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