Saturday, April 27, 2019

Review: Shadow Moon

Shadow Moon Shadow Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Short chapters with alternating POV of the main characters. also jumping in time but clearly marked, so you do not have to guess. Some nice twists. Ending is ok, but for me a low point, although I like it that there was not too much of a vigilante-killing-spree and a few things went according to law.
Great scenery in this book.
Reasonably fast read, it took my longer as I paused to binge Vampire Diaries on Netflix - starting at S01E01, as I could not get into the S03 where stopped seeing it years ago.
As most of the books from this series felt like it could have been the end to the series, I will not guess wether there will be more, but hope so. Also there seem to be talks or even solid plans for a TV-series, yeah!
Not as much a mirror image for the current (2018/2019) USofA like the last book, at least not for me, but I am not so much into Militia and Conspiracy-Theories, so I may be wrong.
Some good use of internet and current technology, I will not spoil it, only to say there was a nice decision from one of the minor characters.

Solid 5 star, highly recommended, would not consider this a standalone, too much background story would be missing, strongly suggest reading all the books in the series in order. One of my favourite series, hands-down-ever. For more Info read my reviews of the other 5 books in the series.

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