Thursday, May 30, 2019

Review: You

You You by Caroline Kepnes
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

At 30%: Nearing DNF - does not grip me...
Two of my friends / people I follow said it very well:
Chelsea Humphrey's 3 star-review
this 2star review from Ari.

The cover my edition shows is for the Netflix TV-series. That series, and the blurb is what made me buy this book, I wanted a stalker, but would have liked the roles reversed (female stalker, male victim).
But given that this book is rather long, I already started another one, which is a sure hint towards DNF for me. Will try to watch more episodes (currently only the first seen) of the TV-show and then decide wether to abandon this or not.
The first episode was imho 1:1 like the part of the book, but maybe it is not such a waste of time to watch that in contrast to grudgingly and reluctantly reading it?

Oh, and the book I started? Pre-ordered, and just published, short and suspenseful:
Keep This to Yourself by Tom Ryan
Keep This to Yourself! So far highly recommended.

Back to "You", DNF at 30%, jumped to 80% then skimmed or FF till the end.
Worst book I picked so far, and now I even dread watching more Episodes from the TV series,
although I might still watch 2 more to decide wether it is worth finishing it.

As this is a book about a stalker this should have been my kind of book, but I did not look all (!) characters and even though I could relate to some of the books and most of the movies (Pitch Perfect), this bored me out of my mind. Would have liked a female stalker more.

No Suspense, no good writing, will never pick up a book from this author again!

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