Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review: Who, What, Where, When, Die

Who, What, Where, When, Die
Who, What, Where, When, Die by Amanda M. Lee

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Started April 19th, 2014.
Wanted a change from the brutal murder and mayhem, and got this via Bookbub for free (you sign up with bookbub and give them the genres you are interested in and you get an email a day with offers from various shops with cheap books, some even free ).
Switched reading this with other books, so it took a while longer to finish it.
So, as I do not understand the problems and decisions of Avery, this was even for a free book a mistake.
If you want to read chicklit and are into Star Wars and Videogames, this might be for you.
I cannot understand why Avery wanted to chose between 2 Guys, when a third would be the much more fitting for her (maybe in the next book?): Lando. Or why even chose? Why not take all (two or three)?
The crime I expected came much too late in the book (ca. 2/3 in the book).
Most minor characters are wackos, some real deranged and Avery is as the main character no real exception.
I feel bad giving only two stars, but this just not my cup of tea, and I probably should not have grabbed it, when I saw the "Free" price-tag.
This makes me wonder how many baddies I have buried on my Kindle and in Calibre still waiting to be opened?�!

Might read the next book in the series, when I have nothing else to read - yeah, like that will happen anytime soon...!
So, sorry, also not recommended.

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