Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge by Allison Brennan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Started this April 22nd, 2014.
Alternated reading this with [b:Who, What, Where, When, Die|16168839|Who, What, Where, When, Die (Avery Shaw, #1)|Amanda M. Lee||22014962]. Took a longer break during the plain, boring, too long sex-scene.
For a "suspense-romance"-book the sex could be better. As is, again, too long and also the romance is always in the same direction.
Would like it more, when there was something different, or some real pervert (aside from some murderers) or whatever. I do not want to spoil it, but most books from Allison Brennan show this direction and there is something like a script is followed. Could do without the romance part completely, and the book would be shorter, too, which would not be a bad thing.
The ending was again predictable and before starting reading this book I hoped it would get into more detail of the breaking of the security system, but while interesting it was not really revealed, most was using the codes, some things where only hinted at, as if someone (it is never said who) had insider knowledge of the system itself or rare Uberhacker like Blackhat knowledge of systems.
And the ending was also more of an Ubervillain, mad-scientist-like,
And did I mention that the ending was again as expected?
Some parts where ok, and the story had background in the activist / anarchist / NGO / protest-movement that kept me interested.
I just wanted more about the security system side, description, hacking whatever.
Nearly 2.5 stars but for the activist etc background which sound knowledgeable and real, 3 stars.
No recommendation, sorry.

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