Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Poppet

Poppet by Mo Hayder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just as I got the new Mo Hayder book [b:Wolf|18467815|Wolf|Mo Hayder||25466945] sent to my Kindle I looked through the list of (e)books I bought and have not read yet. Among them this one, which I waited for a long time to get cheaper, and then I finally bought it, I was reading other things and forgot abut it, silly me. And as this is a series and Wolf the next book, I will read this first, then Wolf, probably immediately after.
The beginning and current events are as strange and as captivating as ever, but not for the faint of heart.
(No help, not needed: As a helping add-on for Mo Hayders books, I suggest to keep a copy of [b:Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices|1396128|Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices|Brenda Love||1386295] handy, although so far, this would not help with this book.)
Wow. As I reached the conclusion (more like showdown) and the aftermath, this one proves once again, why I like the books by Mo Hayder so much, strange places, UK, very well written and just on fine edge of reality before dropping of the cliff to supernatural fantasy.
Reality is stranger than fiction and the cases which are well known in the UK (The Moore Murders, as of now Ian Brady is still alive) and the case that was just solved (2012): Adam , which was used as an idea in one of the earlier books in the series.

Highly recommended, shall I say, as always with Mo Hayder?! Yes I think, that is warranted.
And on to her next book, which I ordered so I would receive it on publishing day on my Kindle PW.

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