Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review: Wolf

Wolf by Mo Hayder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although I gave 5 stars, it is little bit too long, in the middle or just after it dragged a bit.
But the many twists (most I did not see coming) and the story going back to a double-murder 15 years is told in bits and pieces, interchanged with what is happening now to the Kidnapped Family and also with the long winded search for the dog-owners through the help of an old friend going through databases and a lot of footwork and driving by Cafferty.
It is difficult to describe the contents without spoiling anything, so I will not try.
While not overly sadistic, there are things hinted at and some psychological torture by threatening real torture, most murders described are really bloody. Some might find this disturbing, as usual not for the faint of heart. But fans of [a:Simon Beckett|26024|Simon Beckett|] (David Hunter -Series) and probably [a:Cody McFadyen|83056|Cody McFadyen|] (Smokey Barrett -Series) should feel right at home: cruel, strange and thrilling.

Highly recommended and due to some explanations can be read as a standalone, although I think non-Mo-Hayder-Fans/Readers should read the whole series, starting with [b:Birdman|130260|Birdman (Jack Caffery, #1)|Mo Hayder||925576].

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