Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: Broadchurch: A Novel

Broadchurch: A Novel
Broadchurch: A Novel by Erin Kelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Saw the TV-Series first, so I knew the how-dunnit and it was still a good book, even without the suspense.
As with the UK-TV-Series, binge-watched from Blu-ray in 2 days, the focus is on all the victims this crime has, and not so much on the killer. Still, I did not guess who the killer was in the TV-series.
Compared to the show, the book is less subtle, you get more insight in the actions and more background, to name just one, which was for me muddled and unclear in the show: Lucy. Maybe I was not watching with the same concentration with which I read a book and I missed some details, to name it here, would be to spoil both the book and more so the show, for those who have not read the book nor seen the show.
As a standalone, without the TV-show it is a good book, maybe for some not worth 5 stars, but as an addition to the TV-show it is great.
Highly recommended for fans of UK scenery (Dorset), UK-TV-shows and to anyone who has watched or will watch Broadchurch or the US-remake Gracepoint (although they are supposed to change some of the story, I watched the first 2 episodes and they where nearly identical to Broadchurch, which makes me question the point of a remake, they even put David Tennant in the same character in the US-version).

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