Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

And again I had trouble wading through a rather boring book.
No suspense, one little twist, a nice showdown, and then it drags again for a few pages.
I wanted to add the author to my pile of good authors, but this ain't it.
This is about hit-men and -women banding together with their teacher to hunt down a former hit-man turned would-like-to-be serial killer.
They have too much dialogue, boring stakeouts and hunt, with enough false information being hunted down to make the book even longer.
Too long, to boring, no suspense and I did not really like all characters, the decisions they make or do not make are drawn out and they try to "do the right thing" - like not killing innocent bystanders, children etc. - wow, I would not really care for that, if I where a killer, I would relish every dead body, no matter how old it was, 1 or 99 or anywhere in between. Also, a good hit-man would not think so much. And innocent by standers? Talk about an oxymoron. No one is innocent.
Paint dries with more suspense.
So, nothing to save that book, 2 stars it is for a good idea. Not recommended and I will not read the other books in this series anytime soon - if ever.
Might not even read a book by this author anytime.

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