Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review: A Dark Mind

A Dark Mind
A Dark Mind by T.R. Ragan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Thought about DNFing, but managed to finish it.
There are several interesting stories, but interwoven in an unnecessary complicated way, with flashbacks and the current stories.
In the end, all parts where concluded, and what I really liked, not all neat and clean.
But the problem I had with the book (and which I also saw reflected in some other reviews, maybe influencing me), there where to many parts.
It is a fast read, and you should not really stop (which I did), or maybe take notes. For the Kindle, X-ray is active and it should have helped, but did nothing for me, to many names, to many stories, to many cases and not all really interesting.
The romance was ok, not drawn out, but also no sex-scenes, rather a "when will this case be over, so we can have sex again", probably happening after the book, off-page/print?!
Also the character I like most is Haley, which is a minor character. Lizzy (the main heroine in the book) was a bit much, with her background story and while I can understand her, I think she is not a good P.I. and should consider a different job. Jessica I could not dig it all, she wants to be a Profiler, but sounds like she should be an accountant, chained to to 9to5 desktop-job. As a Profiler (read books from [a:John E. Douglas|54208|John E. Douglas|]) she would do much more fieldwork than now, and she does not like it, nor is she too good at doing research, easily trumped by Haley.

The 3 stars given are solid, not rounded up or down, but also I cannot honestly recommend this to anyone. Having not paid for it helps, I cannot set a price value I consider right. In all probability I will sometime read another book by her to see wether it is better or not.

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