Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: Timebound

Timebound by Rysa Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Started Time's Echo and realized that I should have read this one first, so I did, having already bought it nearly 2 years ago.
Luckily the 2nd book is published and as an Amazon-Prime-Member free for lending next month.
And the third book not too far away.
Romance in this book is ok, but borders on a love-triangle and instalove, you have been warned.
As I write this I am reading other books and am close to the ending of this book a quarter of an hour according to the Kindle.
The action and time-traveling is well done, constantly thinking of what happens if one little thing is changed, and not knowing the outcome.
Or suspecting the outcome and not liking it.
Great, so far. And highly recommended, the romance does not grate on my nerves and is not that important in this book.
But also no sex-scenes either, could have been a better.
The setting with a known serial-killer in the distant past, and luckily some other than Jack the Ripper, reminds me a little of Now You See Me (Lacey Flint, #1) - S.J. Bolton, but not as copied from the case files. Also it is imho not known wether the killer acted alone or who were his helpers (in RL and in the book so far).
Very well done. Rysa Walker is a history buff, and sometimes it is a bit much, but so far it is not distracting from the action and main story, again, rather integrated and perfectly done.
And the time traveling, gets not as confusing as in Tempest (Tempest, #1) - Julie Cross.

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