Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: netwars 2 - Down Time 1: Rogue: Thriller

netwars 2 - Down Time 1: Rogue: Thriller
netwars 2 - Down Time 1: Rogue: Thriller by M. Sean Coleman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review is not only about the first (this) part, but about the whole series, part 1-6.
Actually I would have liked it more in one book, I bought the first, when I saw all parts where available,
not when it came out. And giving that the short parts are costing too much, the whole series was more expensive when it should have been as a single book.
That is also my main gripe with it.
The story is a good continuation from the first series, and being that it is about high-speed-stock-trading (with computers, math and special, sometimes self-written programs), I can highly recommend this one, as I sometimes trade a bit in stocks myself. It is as real as it gets, without giving a manual for fraud.
No romance, lots of action, sometimes over-the-top, but a fun, fast read with a few twists, the twist at the end I saw coming, but it is ok, opening the story to a next series.
The computer parts are well explained, but then again I as a former helpdesk-slave, I maybe in too deep, I am not sure what a layperson would understand.
A short explanation of the special words and abbreviations used would have been nice.
Still, highly recommend, reasonably fast page-turner, not too over-the-top and from my pov very realistic, not SF, the story takes place in the present here and now.
For readers of Mark Russinovich and SF from Daniel Suarez.

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