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Review: Pulse: A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 10

Pulse: A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 10 Pulse: A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 10 by Celina Grace
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Received an ARC from the Author for an honest review.
Read and liked the first 3 books in the series, but have not yet read books 4 till 9.
Interestingly from the start it feels like not a lot is missing (for me from the story), I wonder what happened in these books.
A bit too much romance and thinking about how to handle the situation between Kate and her lover (do not want to spoil it here, in case this is your first book with Kate Redman), but I am not too far, with the second body just found, so hopefully this will change.

At 60% now, Kindle shows 40min. remaining reading time. Still too much thinking about romance by Kate, boring. Not enough suspense, it is as I feared in my review of the second or third book, quality sinks below 3.5, so far this might get 3 stars, still recommended, but meh, not too sure about this series, I still regret not having read the 6 books in between this one and the third. Now I am not too sure, wether that will be worth-while.
In this book Kate is unsure when she has to present (not even defend most of the time!) her gut-guesses. This is not my kind of independent heroine and together with the way too long romance-love-story which I can do without and no sex-scenes to speak of, and a second Drama-Queen (or rather -King) hinted at, this reads more like fluffy romance with a bit crime thrown in. If that is what you want, ok, I want a suspenseful, twisty, realistic, crime, preferably with a strong female MC. While Kate is not really whiney, she comes across as more unsure than in the first books, and instead she should have grown more confident and less dependent on her boss.

And also, again, I do not really feel like it is set in the UK most of the time, ok, some expressions are un-american, but then, I am not too sure, they are even used in the UK anymore (if ever). Just a feeling, maybe others feel different.

Just finished the book, and with a few twists at the end, which where a nice surprise, still too much romance, and I would have liked more deaths and more gruesome details.

At least no vigilantie-killings. And nicely shown and done: actions or in this case - something not done - have consequences and rightly so. But the ending smells just too neat, even with the final consequence (will not spoil it here) for the police.

For me this is an unsure 3.5 stars, rounded down to 3 for too much romance. A fast ok read - if you want that, and I will probably at some point read the 6 books up to this one, but am not sure, wether an 11th one is warranted, for me I guess not.

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