Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I remember right, this was compared to one of my favorite books by an author I read for the first time (and I think a debut?): The Unbecoming of Maya Dryer. And I see why, although for me what comes to mind are two other books (one I did not finish yet). These are both taking place in a mental institution, as does this one: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden and Red Orc's Rage.
All highly recommended (even though I did yet finish "... Rose Garden").
Farmer's "Red Orc's Rage" has a similar concept like this one, I do not count that as a spoiler, at least I hope not, or that most will not know both. Farmer will probably read after the first 5 books in the "Word of tiers"-series, without knowledge of that, it might seem overly weird.

So, how about reviewing this one without spoiling anything?
A bit short, but there is a sequel, which I have already bought, when I bought this one.
The female MC struggles with a bad thing that happened, leading to her own mother calling the police and getting her committed into an insane asylum. All this takes place in Canada, although regrettably (I like to look up places on Google Earth) some of it is made up.

Alison (the heroine) reveals on the first page that she has killed someone. This sets the stage for her twisted journey inside the Asylum, given drugs, questioned by police and her doctor, bullied by inmates and constantly thinking about what happened and what to reveal and what to do.
Another doctor, Faraday (sic!), helps her and diagnoses her conditions. Just then you think, it might get in a romance direction, the story takes a left exit and reveals how much Alison (and the reader) does not know, I have not guessed most twists, so thats a plus.

Another twist, and then - the ending, which is ok for me, open enough for a sequel, rather realistic (for me, others may think different).
Although I do not see too many similarities to Mara Dryer, this is good, not totally 5 stars, but 4 highly recommended and I will surely read the next book after taking a breather with something different. As a trilogy it could be as earth-shattering as Mara Dryer, but I think it was planned for two books, with the second book taking another turn, if I guess right.

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