Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review: Famous in Love

Famous in Love Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Had to read this after I saw episode one of the TV-series and read somewhere (or looked it up on IMDB) that it is based (loosely) on a book. The book so far is romance but ok, except for a love triangle. As far as I have seen major changes book2tv, not sure wether for better or worse. And as the whole season 1 is out I can binge it when I find the time.

Also both the book and the series smells suspiciously like teen-spirit, no, more like a pesky love-triangle. Well, I'll read how it develops.

Somehow only romance, no sex, very clean. Feels a bit juvenile.

Not sure wether I will recommend it, will decide when I have read the next book.
For now 3 stars.
Love triangle not solved, but not really left hanging, in the end a curious decision from Paige more for "The Greater Good" (the next 2 movies to be made). Not what I would have liked or guessed, but also no real surprise. Reading the next book in the series, although these two books are not my usual reading, could have done with sex, a murder or more drama.

As I have not yet watched more of the series, I looking forward to it - yet it might not entertain me as much as I hope.

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