Friday, June 23, 2017

Review: Fallen

Fallen Fallen by Lauren Kate
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Saw the trailer for movie and thought I should read this, was sitting on my bought-TBR for a few years now (since October 15, 2014). And this is not even my oldest unread ebook by far.
Was in the mood for something different after I read a few (well done) police procedurals.

At 30% possible DNF, currently going in Fast-Forward-mode through the book as I want to see how it ends. Read some reviews, 2 of which I will link instead of going into the deep end and sinking this book.

Heroine is bad, meek, unsure, often late without good reason (would drive me crazy), Twilight comes to mind, but in my opinion, even that was better (still think, Twilight without Edward Cullen would have been better). Some review (Dark Faerie, see link below) said, World-Building was bad, and I agree. So, to not repeat what others have written, I will link to it.
Two Star Review from Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* and
One Star Review from Dark Faerie Tales
Comparing the little the trailer for the movie has shown, my guess is, it is not better, but shorter (and wastes less time).

Not recommended, boring time-waster. Cannot understand how this sold or even got filmed. Maybe they all fell for the beautiful covers (as I did). Also, pesky and not very good love-triangle. Yawn!

In all probability I will not even think of beginning Torment anytime in the future. Was not real cheap as a two-book-in-one-ebook deal, so waste of money.

Wow, the ending finished it for me, with a few nice twists I did not guess, and a little action and some explanations which where all missing from rest-say-95% of the book.
So, now my favourite character is not Pennyweather Van Syckle-Lockwood (the geeky one), instead it is the only person who nearly gets the job done. But only just. Miss Sophia Bliss. Not to spoil anything, but she is my kind of woman, strong and willful. Most other characters, including Cam and Daniel, are so weak. And to think out of this story the author managed to squeeze 4 more books and 1 or 2 novella(s)?! Big Yawn!

Instead read The "Penryn & the End of Days"-Trilogy by Susan Ee, at least it has action and some of the worldbuilding is not half bad (although too gruesome, imho).

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