Thursday, September 21, 2017

Review: Die Würfel sind gefallen

Die Würfel sind gefallen Die Würfel sind gefallen by Jenny Rogneby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blurb read good, as both the english edt. and this one is a translation, and the price was ok, I bought the German eBook, also I might recommend this book to family and friends.
OK, some things that happen are beyond real, starting with the first bank robbery, which would in my view not have happened how it did. But if you are able to read on, this is one twistet book, I almost never knew what would happen next, and in this case, that was what kept the suspense for me.
Trigger warning: child abuse.
Mostly written from POV of the female MC.

While this is going in to a different direction and hacking plays only a little, minor role, this is by far the best female MC since Lisbeth Salander - the Huntress from Alexandra Sokoloff would have been just as good but that series is mostly from a different POV if I remember right (Insert book/author does not work now, will change to link later). Headstrong, independent, although married with children, not the typical romance, nor the typical wife.

Hoping that the english translation of the original is as good as the german one.

Highly recommended 5 stars and I am just planning when to buy the next book in the series (price is a bit high, got this one for under 5 Eur, but the price of this has also risen, was just lucky, could have been an Amazon Promo Price).
Will recommend this to my mother and the rest of my family, although she does not like to read too much about abused children, but this one is too good to miss.

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