Thursday, March 8, 2018

Review: Last Gasp

Last Gasp Last Gasp by Robert F. Barker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very well written selfpublished (?) book, available cheap as an ebook.
Some errors, but minor ones, I would guess a dozen, one sentence with "he he (in context of he is doing this or that, so two he's are certainly wrong here)", once a capital character within a sentence, so imho little things, which did not stop me from enjoying the book and did not hinder the reading flow much. Not reading this on a Kindle, I was not able to mark this errors and send them to the publisher (with a Kindle this is built in and fairly easy).

There are 3 interchanging storylines: a current serial killer, an old serial killer case where the Killer was caught and died in prison and a family-affair-project. The book takes place mostly in the UK and a short trip elsewhere. Both locations are well done, with some local dialect and I had the feeling of being there.
The descriptions of police procedure and even the stress all sound true to me, exceptionally well written, as far as I can tell.

While the MC is male, his partner is female and some scenes are from her POV. Both and the Killer and some other characters are well fleshed out.

This being a rather cheap book, with only a few reviews so far, I recommend it highly, I got it for free (informed by the daily email from Fussy Librarian), and I just looked, it is still free (at some places, maybe not all). Feel bad not having paid for it, it is worth buying.

I will certainly buy and read the next book in the series and look for other books from this author.

Trigger Warning: this goes into the BSDM-scene, so some graphic scenes should not surprise, the killings are gruesome, but the details are on a normal level for a book about a serial killer, imho, could easily have been even more gruesome, or may be I am just used to it. No sex, which is rather surprising but a little romance.

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