Friday, March 30, 2018

Review: The Pros of Cons

The Pros of Cons The Pros of Cons by Alison Cherry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pre-ordered this as I highly anticipated this. Also really like the clever word-play-title.
OK, but in the beginning no page-turner, no suspense. But as it is ok lengthwhise, I finished it fast.
A bit much with the (sexual) diversity, just glad no disabled or coloured person was added to the group, it would have been too much.
The different MCs where all likeable and even the minor characters like Beige (a toddler singing German Opera...) and her Mother where well fleshed out and believable.
The MCs all really grow in the short time of the cons.

Recommended, but 1 star less as it could have been more suspenseful. Not sure wether there will be series / sequel, but I would pick it up in an instant without thought. Or maybe wait for the price to sink though - and this also goes for this one.
For fans of comic con and other cons, and books about them like two Fangirls, this Fangirl and this one FanGirl (not finished yet) and also Queens of Geek Queens of Geek ) and also "If I was your Girl" If I Was Your Girl (inserted links to books on Goodreads a day later, as it was not working due to some reason yesterday).

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