Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Review: One Perfect Lie

One Perfect Lie One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nice twist I did not see coming after that beginning (I think it was with Step 2).
A little over the top action-sequence in the end, and it was a little too neat after that, nearly bordering on hea (hope this does not count as a spoiler). For this and the lone-hero feeling 1 star less, could easily have been a 5star read.
A few times different POV, but all in all not too many and well done.
Sex mentioned but happening off page, although Sexting plays a certain role in the story.
The problems of the different families felt a bit much, but where all in all very real.
Main parts of the book read like one lone hero trying to save it all, hindered by having one chef with his own goals and playing it by the book.
Nice integration of current technology (Smartphones, surveillance App), I think no hacking or (luckily) even embellished/unrealistic use of technology.

Recommended, reasonably fast page-turner, no real thriller, though. Would have wished for a more bloody ending, with lots more casualties. Standalone, nicely finished. Will probably remember this author and try to read more of her, depending on theme.

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