Saturday, September 1, 2018

Review: That's Not What Happened

That's Not What Happened That's Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Would have liked more about the shooter, and some real twist.
Mostly I thought one or more of the survivors where in on it or even shooters themselves.
Still, for being to straight 1 star less, it is still a good fiction about a school shooting.

Solid 4 stars giving a few different POV of a school shooting (and aftermath).
Recommended, also reasonably short read, could be finished in a day or on a rainy weekend.

Even before I finished it, I looked for other books about school shootings and more or less randomly picked these from a goodreads list:
Hate List (owned that one already as an ebook bought 6 years or more ago, not read yet...)
Aftershock - Andrew Vachss is one of my favourite authors, but ebook is too expensive
This Is Where It Ends (bought today as an ebook)
Aftermath (bought a few months ago as an ebook)
School Days (looked for Robert B Parker books way back, August 2009, bought and read the paperback, may read it again)
Quicksand by Malin Persson Gilolito As it would have been a translation anyway, I bought it today in the German translation as: Im Traum kannst du nicht l├╝gen (Malin Persson)
In the Skin of a Monster (bought today as an ebook)

no ebook - Endgame Nancy Garden
no ebook - Quad C.G. Watson, Carrie Gordon Watson
That I have bought these books does not really mean I will read and review them. The Spenser one I read already, this one offers a nice twist on the reasons for a school shooting. Worth reading for that, as a Spenser thriller, it is as expected, wether you like them or not. Recommended.
A different kind of school shooting is also to be found in Andrews Vachhss first book which was a long time unpublished - A bomb built in hell. The story was and probably still is available on his webpage for free, but I think you can also buy it in different formats in the usual shops.
Also, I still have Columbine in my TBR-bought pile (looked into that, the reviews where rather mixed, but I still want to read it someday).

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