Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Review: Invisible

Invisible Invisible by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was cheap when I wanted to buy the second book and I like to start series at the beginning.
Knowing that Patterson is not one of my favourite authors, writing too much and everything built a certain way, I am still a bit miffed at the main character, she is boring and too much of the story is about her past.
Also while the story progresses, it began very slow, without too much suspense. Differing POV between the main character (name forgotten) and the serial killer. While the idea with the serial killer narrating a pod-cast-like recording, it is mostly not very interesting at times.
Looks currently at little more than 50% like a 3 star review, with no sure recommendation by me.
May stray into DNF territory.
Not sure, wether I still want to read the next book, which is currently also too expensive.
Started a totally different book in between Nightworld Academy: Term One, but will also try to finish this one fast.
Suspense was so-so, not too great, with a few obvious twists and a red herring signaled I saw coming. Ending also as expected from the get go, nothing new here.
The good things: no vigilante killing, and the final scene in the safe-house was well built and ok for me.

Could have been more entertaining, also for a change I would have killed the really bad heroine in the middle of the book and exchanged against a new character. THAT would have been my kind of book. Also I rather like it when the main person follows the rulebook, but again, no, she does not.
Should have been fired from the get-go, but manages to blackmail her bullying superior into keeping her on the case.
Not really recommended, but if you like this author, pick it up. At least for me it was cheap. Not sure wether I will read the next book.

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