Thursday, July 25, 2019

Review: Splinter in the Blood

Splinter in the Blood Splinter in the Blood by Ashley Dyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read the second book in the series first, not planned, and that was great, so I wanted to know what happened before en d├ętail.
Here my review of the second book in the series - will not repeat this here, as most also relates to this book, except (sadly), not as much use of social media, but the use of smartphones, computer, internet etc. is up-to-date, very real and you get the feeling the author knows her way with these tech and devices.

Wow! And what a beginning. Not wanting to spoil it, read the blurb, and so far it looks like the second book: a fast moving plot, leading to a probable 5star page-turner, short chapters, with changing POV, vivid bad dreams and memories from Carver with his medical problems. And is it one case (the Thorn Killer) or two (then what happened to Carver)?
Even just 10% into the book, one twist is answered, but lots of questions remain.
Setting is Liverpool, UK. So not London, which has been used too often for my taste, like it.

Breathtaking beginning, you do not know what happened, the first clues you get at 30%, and then that later that gets turned 90° or even 180°, nice twists.

So, 5stars for this book, during some part the investigation lacks suspense (middle or 60% into the book imho) and drags a little, but the twists are well done and I did not guess the killer till the revelation, very well done. Changing POV's, Carver, Lake, Killer. Some secrets stay buried and what I really liked, that for all the mistakes they (Carver and Lake) make: no vigilant heroism, and when they go places alone, they leave word where they are going (well most times).

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