Friday, September 13, 2019

Review: In the Darkness

In the Darkness In the Darkness by Mike Omer
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Lent this with a free Kindle Unlimited trial. Did not like the first book in the series, my 1 * review.

So why did I read this one? First, I considered it an easy DNF, so I was surprised that I read/FF (fast-forward) through it, and although it was very straight, again, by-the-numbers-serial-killer-book, I knew what to skip, and the case was way better.
Even so, this could have been read in a day or on a rainy weekend, but it was just not interesting enough to read this faster.

Do not like the MC, nor her sidekick, straight story, little sex happening of page, little romance, too many sidestories which did nothing for the suspense of which again, there was too little.

No good twists, ending ok. Good integration of social media (streaming of video, Instagram, Youtube), which was interesting and without mistakes, so 3 stars, if you want to read it, it is ok, but
again not recommended by me.
Better than the first one, but will never read something by this author or in this series again.

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