Sunday, September 22, 2019

Review: Verfolgung

Verfolgung Verfolgung by David Lagercrantz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just saw, looking for the next book in the series that I have not read this yet and the price sank, so I bought it. The next book is even as an ebook rather expensive and I will that for that to sink to 10 Eur or less, like with this book (I guess it was on publishing the same ridiculous high price).

Read this in German translation, as that is my first language and english would have been also a translation (do not read Swedish).

Writing is ok, but at the scenes with hacking (like in the prison office) felt not as real as with Larsson, as often with people who do not know their stuff. While it did not go into details, it felt embellished as to the capabilities of both Lisbeth and other hackers, this may be also due to the POV in the prison office scene of the person looking at the hacking, so not too sure about that.

What was really disturbing, was the ever changing POVs and then commenting on it like an outsider. And also no visual distinction when POV changes - in some books this is chapter wise, or marked somehow, so it is clear, who is now narrating, which I think is rather better and more readable, and also here in this book there are a few too many POVs.

But most even non-significant side infos / stories get integrated into the main story at some point, so, ok, 4 stars it is.

Also, as this is a series, I was surprised, how much of the 4 books before that I had forgotten, although the most necessary parts are retold, adding to the length of the story. For me this a fast page-turner, just the right length, but I can understand if others see this differently.
Not really wether I have changed, or the writing is not as good as it has been, but I found this lacking without something to put my finger on, even with the 4 stars I gave it (and thought about giving 5!), should re-read the other books again, but there are just so many books on TBR-bought list ....

So, still highly recommended, but keep in mind, that I read the German translation, and this does not say all about the english translation.

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