Monday, November 23, 2020

Review: The Searcher

The Searcher The Searcher by Tana French
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No normal police-procedural or whodunnit. Instead a coming-of-age-story with an Irish teen and an unusual mentor in a retired US-cop, named Cal. The US-cop bought himself a derelict house to restore in Ireland.
You get to know a lifestyle I as German born and still living in Hamburg, a rather large city, do not know but find interesting, also the typical little-town-where-everyone-knows-each-others-secrets - for better or worse.
For a long time in the story I was kept guessing what happened, then there is one twist, I had no clue and did not see coming.
Cal has trouble with his feelings about morals, ethics, wrong-or-right and how he should teach that to the teen.
Could have been a little shorter and the story could have moved at a faster step, so only 4 stars.
Still recommended, if you look for fast-page-turner thriller, like I usually do, you have to look elsewhere, but for great scenery, lots of Ireland and livestock with interesting characters, not simple black-and-white, but grey with changing darkness, you will be hard pressed to find something better - reading that, I wonder wether 4.5 star rounded to 5 might be justified, but I stick to my 4 stars.

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