Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Review: Falling

Falling Falling by T.J. Newman
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

About 77% in, so a little late to DNF, will read fast or fastforward to check the ending -
should have DNFed early on.
Had all the promising reviews and blurbs of a page-turner, even a few twists.

But it also has something, which I find incredibly boring: flashbacks to "normal" family life, which does nothing for the suspense, the story, and the characters are too good to be interesting.
Cardboard-like even the villains.

A N D also, I hate it, that a police-officer/Agent/whatever (paid for non-private-person) plays the lone hero, against his training and in this case also against the order from his immediate superior - without rime or reason.
In this case (chapter 27) even with disregard for people's lives (civilians get hurt). Also given Theo's injuries, the scene is way over the top, and does not feel very real.

Cherish the rare book where the "good" people stick to the rulebook.

From the beginning there is only one obvious solution, which is not even considered:
the MC should commit suicide to pull himself out of the equation.

Given all this, currently I expect this to get 1 star from me, but will consider more, depending how it ends.
And to think, I had this pre-ordered it and was looking forward to it and started it the day it was published - I shudder to think about it, and also the wasted money!

Stand by my 1 star rating: after the - expected and forseeable - ending, I got bored with research of the MC into the things that happened in the land of the villain. The MC and his with wife are too good to be true, would have liked more of a gray thinking, like thinking of the MC to crash the plane elsewhere.

Although the action scenes are way over the top, they are well written and the technical details of avation and flight control seem real to me (I am no pilot). On a different day that might warrant 2 stars for a good idea, but I do not feel it today.

Not enough death, and the wrong people died in this book.
Might still consider reading her next book, as I like reading books from female authors, and I was surprised to learn after that fact after the end, as the book felt male (sorry for that).

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