Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner by James Dashner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Started February 3d, 2014 with the free sample on my Kindle PW1.
On finishing the sample (I think the first about 3 chapters, the sample ended in between), bought the book without further checking, wether it would be cheaper at a different shop or as a 3-1 Trilogy-complete bundle.
Very good world-building integrated in the story, as we know as little or as much as the hero, Thomas.
While I guessed the first twist (the next newbie), the beginning is entirely gripping.
So far, a page-turner and I am not too sure how long I can do other things before reading on.
Reason for starting now, I had the sample on my kindle for some months now - as I do have free samples of other books.
And lots of unread books, both freebies and paid for.
So, the reason to start now is the trailer for the upcoming movie. Dark and gritty.
Had to pause a few times, reading other things during the pause.
Am now close to the end, and one of the reasons to pause is that I do not like to see it end.
There was a built-up to a short, devastating battle. While that was as bloody and deadly as expected, it was rather short and a bit of a letdown for the long built-up to it. As I have skimmed a few of the reviews, I know what to expect, no real explanation, but I am currently not sure wether I will read the other books (0.5, the prequel, #2 and #3 in the trilogy) soon.
Currently I guess it will be a solid 4star recommendation.
Later after lunch and reading all: Yup.
Just finished. A sort of explanation what happened (the Flare) and why (Maze) is there, I wonder why so many reviews gripe about there being none.
Nice, evil twist in the Epilogue, after all went to sleep after the ordeal.
Also the ending is setting the stage for the second book, but also offers bit of breathing time and closure. Bodes well for the film, as it can be filmed without the need for a change in the ending, in case the second film is not made. Being that this is one of many YA-Dystopias in cinemas last year and this, I hope this does not fail and sink.
Regarding the book, 4 stars it is and a recommendation, I will read the other books, but probably not soon, having a huge backlog of bought (mostly e-)books.

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