Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review: The Senior Moment

The Senior Moment
The Senior Moment by Eva Hudson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Got this cheap as an edition with the other 2 Women Sleuths book.
No Angela Tate here, which is just as well.
Too long, the ending with a nice conclusion to nearly all story-lines, was good, which saved it from getting 1 star.
Not all endings will satisfy, but are realistic and some things open to interpretation.
The main characters where sometimes annoying but well developed and interesting, the growing up of a serial-killer was very good and may warrant for some a third star, but the seniors where over the top for me, and while believable individually, altogether too much and some too annoying. Some points where too drawn out or repeated.
No recommended, if the third book is not really better (I fear not), these 3 books together are not worthy of Eva Hudson (the Skyberg books are better).
This book gets a rare warning from me, do not waste any money on it (the cheap 0.99 Eur I paid for all three books where even too much, and that was an info from the Hudson-Mailing-List, me thinking what could go wrong...).
Barely 2 stars, do not read, waste of time.

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