Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For some reason I had this marked as "read", but could not find it (the supposed paperback) and cannot remember reading it. Maybe it will come back when I read it, but I just read the prequel story Alpha & Omega in "On the prowl" and in it the people read like new to me, so I guess I marked it read by mistake and just rated it 4 stars. When I finish it, I will think about the rating and justify it or change it accordingly, but so far 4 stars feel right. Bought the Kindle version today, so if I have somewhere the paperback lying around, which given my huge stack of TBR real-paper-deadwood books around my rooms is a real possibility, I now own it twice.
Nope, I am sure, I have not read it before.
And I had to rate it 3 stars. The story is too straight for me, not complicated enough, and too much (werewolf) romance. Sex only hinted at, not detailed, but with a bit of werewolf thrown in.
Could have been more complicated or the sex more explicit.
The main players where interesting, but some things where explained again and again, or too much.
No real twists and the end was clear nearly from the get-go, only leaving open who would die, and even then the only real surprise how many lived.
Also no vampires so far, but there was a preview of a Mercy Thompson book, I skimmed, and there where vampires. Still might be interesting so see what Briggs does with them.
Will probably read the next book in the series, and might go for other books of her, but given I have a lot of backlog to read, not anytime soon.
So, still a recommendation if you can stand the romance, and a solid 3stars.

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