Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review: All In

All In All In by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wanted to pre-order this for Kindle, and was looking forward to reading it as soon as I got it, but could not order it as a Kindle ebook in Germany, had to jump through the usual hoops (VPN) to buy it as a Nook EPub from Barnes and Nobles and convert it to Mobi.
As with the other books of the series, a few great twists right up till the end! And this one was better than the last, having resolved and settled some of the romance-triangle.
Still no sex-scenes. But luckily more action, the background for Sloane and enough twists to screw your mind.
This is solid, must-read-page-turner 5 star for me. Although some adults may differ.
As I am for few years now retired and turned 49 this year I am not really YA, but still enjoy these genre a lot (although I could do with some sex-scenes, kinky please).
Highly recommended, but not really a standalone, you should have read the other books in the series.
Looking so forward to the next book!

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