Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: #Nerd

#Nerd #Nerd by Cambria Hebert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In comparison to Geekomancy and Adorkable more adult themes, a little sex and more drinking than in Geekomancy. Alternating POV between the female MC and the male pupil she gets to tutor. Read this after Adorkable, and found this way better, but realized, that Adorkable is YA (more like Y, without the A), and this is NA, shows that I do not like books (and other things) being put into a box - I still think A Clockwork Orange is YA, both from the contents and for the target audience.
This has a little, but in that context spot on, swearing and a few good, steamy sex-scenes to go with the straight romance.
Very well written, some sentences were a bit strange with the grammar or word order, but I am not sure wether that was the intended pattern of speech for the teens and tweens, or overlocked bad style, it was not disturbing, so I let it slide without reporting it.
Nice use of hashtags for the chapter-intro, and Apps, smartphones etc (ok and not too much) in the story. Felt real for me.

Recommend the book, not sure of the intended age-group, I would say 14 and above, but NA might mean 18 and above? Whatever, I am way older, so I really do not care.
So, why not 5 stars or 3? Would have given 5 stars if the ending had been different (guessed it early, even to what happens in the kitchen in the last scene). Or 3 stars if something bad had happened to Rimmel. As it was written, I thought that entirely possible.
And I bought the next book - #Hater - the instant I finished this one!

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