Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: A Perfect Evil

A Perfect Evil A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not very suspenseful, even if some reviews say otherwise.
Nice romance, but way too much, and no real sex scenes.
Ending saved it a somehow, as I really liked the cliffhanger ending leading into the next book. Also not everything is solved with history repeating itself, not to spoil anything I will tell no more.
What disturbed my reading-flow most, was the POV changing a lot, with POV from 5 or more different persons. The Killer could have been more fleshed out.
But also, despite the solid 3 stars (with respect to the ending), not really recommended by me. Read at your own risk. May warrant reading the next few books to see wether the story and author grows better. Not really sure wether I will do that, although some are reasonably priced. Also, this book was way older than I thought, so they still use Modems and only few have cellphones (no smartphones). So, maybe I skip a few from the series and read one of the newer ones. Going through the list, I just realized, I already read one of the newer ones, but did not rate it nor reviewed it (it was before I wrote reviews for Goodreads).

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