Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review: Three Corners to Nowhere

Three Corners to Nowhere Three Corners to Nowhere by Martin Caidin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Have a search running here on Goodreads for a book since July 2014, look here: plot details of a book I am looking for.
Stumbled over the German version "Verschwunden im Bermuda-Dreieck" and bought it for a few Euros as a paperback. Not even finding a blurb at that time, it was a long shot.

As Waldo asked for it, a quick review:
This is for the German translation, my guess is, the original will be the same. Even though the book is from 1975, computers play a certain role in the plot, but they do not go into technical details. Aviation and quite a few well known (and a few made up) disappearances in the so called Bermuda Triangle are featured.

This began slow, speeded up and was staying interesting for me, as I am well aware of the various theories and explanations of the instances in the Bermuda Triangle, about 40 years ago I read the german translation of Bermuda Triangle.
But others may find the suspense lacking sorely after about mid-book.

Without giving away the ending, it was a surprise, even for me.

Solid three stars, regarding that you have search this book and might only find it used, also maybe overpriced, I would advise to only buy it cheap, less than 5 Eur/Us$ + p&p. An ebook would have been preferable, the German Paperback had very small print for me (as is often the case with paperbacks). Currently (May 16th, 2017) there is no ebook in English nor German available.

Recommended 3 star-read, do not expect too much, but as it is, I found it to be reasonable realistic, if you can say that about the Bermuda Triangle, so it is not too fantastic or make believe. The search for answers follows the advice of Sherlock Holmes, without mentioning it in the same words, always an open mind. Rather well done was the analyzing of statements which came from a military background and turned out to be glossed over and sugarcoated.

It would have been a rather fast read with 176 pages, if not for the small print (for me). My guess is, you could read it in a few hours of a long, rainy Sunday afternoon.
The German cover (a face of a woman) has nothing to do with the content, although a few women are featured. There is smoking, a few macho sexist remarks, but nothing over the top and for the time when it was written and published, normal. Nothing racist, and as computers and technology play a role here, it was as up-to-date as it could be.

There could have been more mystery or suspense and a certain angle was not researched (the rocket-start). But then it would have been longer, and that could have made this well boring.

The ending might disturb some, but I found it while un-satisfying, at least interesting.

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