Saturday, November 4, 2017

Review: Origin

Origin Origin by Dan Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Guilty pleasure, 5star recommended page-turner of a book!

It follows the same formula or blueprint as the other books about Robert Langdon: namely someone gets killed, or something awful happens and Langdon has to discover who what when or whatever together with an always good looking female, but no sex, little or no romance usually, this time there is a little romance. Most times the couple is under time pressure and has to act so fast, they skip sleeping, eating and a lot of times bathrooms breaks - except then something significant happens in a bathroom (I seem to remember that from the Da Vinci Code). Ok, maybe I exaggerate, but basically that is the plot-structure in these books. Sounds boring? It is anything but, as with Inferno, #04 in the series, this book has themes which concern us all, and it delivers a lot of food for thought, also, staying mostly in one big area in Spain, not as much background noise of historical descriptions as in the last books, or maybe because it was more interesting to me, in the other books I skimmed these passages, as I think they where rather boring and most times did nothing for the story for me.
Hope this gets filmed, as the other books about Robert Langdon.

Not wanting to spoil anything, I cannot really say more, except that again, this book has a deep view of Religion and shows some of the things which went wrong. Also shows all sites of the trouble some have with Religion and its believes, juxtaposed with Science and what is troubling there.
What little there is of love, there is also Gay love, nicely integrated.

Two of the main twists (the main baddy, later named the Regent) I guessed early on, both where confirmed pretty late in the book.

Would have been a fast read, but some things made me think, so I took more time and I might look up some more info about places, art, architecture, which will also take time. As with the last book, I would like a link section so I could look at everything online (a virtual gallery might even exist, but I have to search for it).

Highly recommended, a fast page-turner and guilty pleasure standing high above others with the brain fodder it delivers.

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