Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: The Burning

The Burning
The Burning by Jane Casey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Started after reading the novella introduction [b:Left For Dead: A Maeve Kerrigan Story|18073669|Left For Dead A Maeve Kerrigan Story (Maeve Kerrigan, #0.5)|Jane Casey||25375860].
Great opening chapter, with a nice twist, setting the stage for a great story.
Despite me giving 5 stars to the book, it looses steam somewhat at 80 to 90%.
And I guessed the whodunit rather early on, it was just too obvious.
But the how and why was written very good also the different pov's (the two female leads and later on Rob) make it interesting, where a lesser writer would have spoiled it, here it is written in an expert way to function in a thriller-suspense-way.
The setting is in the UK, mostly London and Oxford (!) at least a place visited for a day with my parents some 30 years ago on a sunny vacation day.
Very highly recommended, with a few nice twists, even though some where too obvious.
Also the by-the-book police procedures with a nearly totally botched undercover-bait operation where very good.
And you get an inside look in to the mind of a professional liar and killer.
There are some disturbing scenes, in some way even the starting chapter with the twist-ending.

The writer who reminds me most of her is [a:Val McDermid|5672|Val McDermid|], one of my favorite writers.
Hopefully the next books are just as good.
Even before getting to the end of the book, I bought the next on my Kindle PW1. OK, it had to be fast as I set my Wi-Fi on the router to turn off at 11 pm, and it was already after 10 pm, and then I decided to sleep before the last chapter (the minutes left-display on the Kindle helps with the decision, it was just too long a time), only reading the last chapter this morning at breakfast.

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