Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Purified

Purified by Brian Robert Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Currently as a promo free at Amazon (limited time, I guess), where I got it. Also BOTM in the Goodreads-Group Psychological Thrillers.
Wow, is that boring. The only thing that keeps me reading is that so far no one has mentioned the word Zombie.
But basically that's what it is. Struggling to get further, I think I am gonna stop before the 30% mark, my self-set border for abandoning a book. At page 52 / 17 % now, and the book reminds me of [b:Pines|15034320|Pines (Wayward Pines #1)|Blake Crouch||20688937], which I still think is the worst book I read in a long time.
Also, this reads more like a horror-book than a thriller. No thrills here for me.
Now at 41% after I decided to FF-skimming through the book, will probably finish it today.
All main characters are unlikeable and I cannot understand the choices the make, nor relate to them, which also reminds me of Pines. The cops overly brutal and not helping, doctors are crazy ( ok, I have met some like that in real life ).
And the twists get more into the horror-territory.
Maybe I should feel bad about giving this book the 2 stars I might give it, depending on the ending, and not paying for it, but hey, life is too short for bad books.
The ending was, how to put it, the best thing that could happen, not to spoil anything, but it is a blood-bath and lot's of people die.
Deserved or undeserved, I am against police shooting without cause and in this case most victims where unarmed.

Why not wait for a few police cars before searching the building, why not use a cellphone, which would have been handy quite a few times in the book, even early on. Most parts of the book read like it is playing in the 60's: no smartphone, no cellphone, no computer, no internet is used even once, they have cars not horse-drawn carriages so it is obviously at least 20th century, but then dates get mentioned it is 2010 ??? If it was a cult or a crazed Unabomber not using technology, but the police in our time on this same planet without 2-way-radio, and no cellphone ?
So for a no thrills-horror with some bloody ending, 2 stars it is, actually, the ending saved it somehow. Not recommended. Or only for fans of [b:Pines|15034320|Pines (Wayward Pines #1)|Blake Crouch||20688937] (see above, these 2 books have a few things in common).

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