Friday, June 13, 2014

Review: Ice Station

Ice Station
Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Should finish more books before starting new ones. Oh well, my mistake.
Fast paced, very interesting page-turner. Warning: has no real chapters, that makes it hard to stop. As some scenes are very long, like the fight scene between the two elite-units this could lead to reading this in one sleepless night, so beware - it is too long for that, per the Kindle-display of left reading time, I think it was just over 10 hours after it has adjusted to my reading speed. And it feels that way.
So far this reminds me of some authors I read a lot during my teens, like [a:Alistair MacLean|26970|Alistair MacLean|] and [a:Colin Forbes|243122|Colin Forbes|].
But is up-to-date with the tech described.
The fight-scenes are great, but they dominate the book, more or less non-stop-action and if I take a step back to see the big picture, there are too many fight-scenes, too long and while the body-count is very high, some lucky safes-escapes are too unbelievable.
The discovery, the reason for the fight scenes and the background, would so far fit on 20-30 pages. The book is long, and could have done with less fight scenes, and longer and more meat to the discovery.

So, now having finished it, a solid 3. Not too bad, if it had been shorter and/or less fight scenes, it would have got a 3.5, meaning it could be rounded to 4 stars depending on my mood.
Recommended as fast paced guilty pleasure, and I might check out the next books. The hero is better than the brutal torturer Scot Harvath in [a:Brad Thor|5088|Brad Thor|]'s series, although I will read more of that one, as I want to see how far Thor pushes the envelope.

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