Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: CyberStorm

CyberStorm by Matthew Mather

My rating: 0 of 5 stars

As I looked through my wishlist (Wunschzettel) on my Kindle for the Prime-Sign to show that I can borrow a book, I read that this was in development for a movie.
Will start today, but try to finish [b:The Maze Runner|6186357|The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)|James Dashner||6366642], as I am at 67% there and want to finish it soon.
The Cyber-Attack is paired with really bad weather and the story concentrates not on the reason for the attack, but on the conditions of a little group of people who have one prepared prepper. A winter storm (a few days later a second one threatens) makes things worse.
Nothing is really known, wether it was an attack from a foreign nation or hackers from within.
Disinformation, paranoia and conspiracy theories are rampant.
This is not so much a book about a Cyber-Attack, but rather a disaster-novel with a bit of technology-breakdown thrown in.
As fuel for backup-power-generators runs out, TV/CNN/Radiostations shut down.Much of the story would have happened without the hacker-attack, as systems depend on power and connectivity between each other for maintenance and to the internet.

At the current reading speed, I hope to finish it soon. It is not so much that it drags, but rather that I wanted more cyber, less normal life. And some of the people, I could care less wether they died or not.
So far not recommended. May change hopefully when an explanation is given or with the ending.

OK, so three stars it is, some discussions and warnings in the book are true and the explanation in the ending is good, but as expected, nothing too fancy - the conspiracy theories bandied about during discussions in the book and from private selfmade-radio-stations are better, well some of them. This is set to be a film? Big Yawn!!! Just another update on disaster-movies with a bit more realism regarding the Cyberattack-part thrown in.

Could be shorter, could have done with less personal issues and more suspense. Conclusion is no recommendation from me for this book, except that I gave 3 stars and they are solid, no faults I could detect, meaning I overlocked them or the tech is getting better in books like these.

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