Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Under The Final Moon

Under The Final Moon
Under The Final Moon by Hannah Jayne

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Struggling to read, Sophie gets on my nerves and there is not enough of the Vamps (Nina and Vlad).
Sophie comes across more whiney and unsure than ever, or maybe I am just not in the mood and fett up with the series.
Reading the other reviews this may end up to be a 2 stars, too much misery and not enough story.
And well, it might be the last, a bad ending or the last one for me in this series. But so far I am not nearly at the end, so I'll wait and see...
Wow struggling on, reading way better books in between and am now at 70% nearing the end and cannot wait to put it away.
After getting this far, I ask myself wether the other books in the series where really that better or if I had changed.
Without reading them again, I cannot say for sure.
But this book feels too long and as with other books I get the impression that the author gets paid per word-/page-count, which just does not produce anything a reader like me wants (for nearly the same reason I do not read Stephen King).
This could have worked better in a much shorter way, like a novella. Or by killing Sophie in the beginning, or whatever else good comes to mind.
As it is, her bad self-image, no decisions-making attitude and her whiney, tear-filled moods are killing me. And destroy my wanting to read another book in this series or another book by this author. And this is a book I preordered and was looking forward to ... I shudder to think of it.

Although near the end, I just had to read a different, better book before closing this for good (or bad, or whatever).
Choosing from my huge virtual ebook stack of paid for but yet unread books: [b:Kiss Me, Kill Me|8401387|Kiss Me, Kill Me (Lucy Kincaid #2)|Allison Brennan||13261409], a realistic romantic suspense-thriller.

Having finished it, it was too long with no real story, bad or no twists (if you call the ending a twist).
The ending was ok, but could not save the book, as it was accompanied with more self-doubt and whining about her decision (and inner monologue).
So, I hope this series will not get another book.
Not recommended, except for closing the series or die-hard fans. In looking back at the other books of the series I am not sure wether I gave them too much credit. Maybe I have changed. And this gets 2 stars and a promise to myself not to read another book by this writer anytime soon.
This should have been a short 2-3 read, but the 25 days from start to finish reflect how much I struggled to read this book.
As it was pre-ordered and paid for, and once I got over the 30% barrier I also hated to abandon it. As it is: a time-consuming mistake not to abandon it.

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